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HeRe Is WhErE i SuBmIt SoNiC fAn ArT + yUkIkO dRaWiNgS <3


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:star: Name: Yukiko
:star: Nicknames: Yuki, Werewolf
:star: Birthday: 7-13-1993
:star: Age: 16
:star: Gender: Female
:star: Relationship Status: Taken by Onyx the Hedgehog :love:
:star: Species: Wolf
:star: Home: Japan
:star: Hobbies:
:bulletred: drawing
:bulletred: painting
:bulletred: cosplaying
:bulletred: singing
:bulletred: writing poetry & songs
:star: Likes:
:bulletred: Japan & its culture
:bulletred: drawing
:bulletred: dancing
:bulletred: playing her guitar
:bulletred: school
:bulletred: pizza
:bulletred: screamo, techno, & rock songs
:bulletred: boys
:star: Dislikes:
:bulletred: spiders
:bulletred: rap or country songs
:bulletred: perverts
:bulletred: public speeches
:bulletred: liars
:bulletred: cheaters
:bulletred: fights
:star: Powers:
:bulletred: read peoples' minds
:bulletred: predict the future
:bulletred: cast spells by using magic

Current Residence: Ohio.
Favourite genre of music: Anime/ Techno/ Rock/ Metal/ Crunk.
Favourite style of art: Sonic.
MP3 player of choice: Touch-Screen MP3 Player,
Personal Quote: "It takes two things for a person to fulfill their dreams: an open mind and a loving heart&quot


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The trip itself was amazing, a few minor setbacks, but I still enjoyed it :D My mom went as a chaperone which was a HUGE relief! ^^;

Anyways, this is what happen, step by step and by each day:
-DAY 1-
We arrived on the bus, about 59 students came( almost all of my class), I sat with my friend Brittany. We took random pictures and danced randomly. We watched Finding Nemo, and then it was lunch, we ate at a Food Cort in a mall, I believe it was PA or Maryland I forgot. Brittany & I traveled to a couple stores as we drank Moolattes. When we were done, we drove again and made it to DC like a hour or two. We made it into DC and when we were there, we gone to Jefferson's Memorial and tried to look for symbols on the statue.
[I COULDN'T FIND A DAMN THING! ;A;] Then we went to the Arlington National Cemetery, I have to say, it was horrible to see thousands and thousands of people who fought for our country that died in multiple wars and accidents. The the tomb stones we a-lined perfectly, no stone not different then others unless they were a bigger from them being generals or someone of a higher rank. We walked and walked that my legs felt like jello. We came across Kennedy's grave and his children graves and above them there was a light of fire that will never burn out. Next we came to the ' Tomb of the Unknown Soldier', I have to say it was beautiful but yet sad. God only knows those soldiers. The wreath laying ceremony was pretty good, my friend Brittany was in it and she looked pretty. ^^ We stopped by the Lincoln, Vietnam & Korean Memorial. I stayed with Amanda, Terra, & Brittany cause Amanda got sick. We went souvenir shopping, where I bought a tie-dye splatter painted peace shirt that said "Washington D.C.".; sunglasses; magnets; rubber bands that form shapes but never deform; a DC hat; and a couple other things I think. Then we gone to Union Station to eat, damn the place was great! My mom and I had Taco Bell and my friend Ashley has this freaking huge doughnut o_o.  It came to the subway ride, I was video taped sitting by my mom, lol. When we got dropped off we came across the 30 ft escalator OHH that was F. U. N! XD Ashley started freaking out, I could hear her from half way down the escalator XD. And there were people going down looking at us " whats their problem?" XD. Then we checked into our hotel, gotta say it was pretty but the door to the bathroom is confusing! DX. Then we talked then went to bed.

- DAY 2-
We woke up at 6 and get ready at 7 for breakfast, not bad actually. We went to Fords Theater, and saw where Lincoln was assassinated, it was cool! :D We went to the WWII and FDR Memorial, which both memorials had fountains. Then we went to Smithsonian Institute, it was EPICALLY AMAZING! <3 My mom, Amanda, & I had lunch at their McDonalds and it was pretty good, until people were getting sick.   I made the mistake of eating there, not ever going to try eating their food again. We went to the Capital building and it was awesome X3. When we went inside to the part with a lot of statues, the ceiling was made of REAL gold O_O  We went to the White House to take pictures and there was this woman who was protesting for peace and was against nuclear warfare. She has lived there for over 20 years and she wasn't pretty, I mean really. Somehow she has a website....Anyway, we ate at the Ronald Regan [I got a Subway sandwich and man that place was pretty <3  The last stop we went to was the Iwo Jima memorial, there are 13 hands that placed the flag in the ground in a island of Japan, Iwo Jima and there was a staute that represented that. We went swimming and it say "painful", I learned that Brittany, Terra, and my "friend" Alx were talking about me. Gotta say I was really pissed. Then we came back to the hotel until I heard  that a couple broke up over a little thing, the girl was too protective over him and they were dating for 6 months... We talked then we went to sleep again..

-DAY 3-
WE woke up yet again and got ready by packing up. At breakfast, Terra, Brittany, and Alex told me that I was being a backstabber, which I wasn't. I hate Alex so much right now, I want to punch her in the face. She obviously doesn't like sharing friends, so yeah. But I burst out into tears, told my mom, and she told them off. Then we left for Gettysburg, PA. That place was the BEST thing EVER! <3 WE went to see a movie, but I got sick and vomited in the bathroom after the movie started ;A;. But I still got to see half of it. Then we went to the cyclorama, which held an animated painting. It was so cool! X3 Amazing tour around the Battle field, I want to revisit there someday; I love learning about the Civil War & I hope to go to all the settings of where the war took place. <3 When we were done, and we stopped at a rest stop. I was goofing around on the bus with Amanda and Ashley. WE took funny hat pictures and I recorded Amanda  dancing to Telephone [by Lady Gaga & Beyonce] and it was funny! XD We watched parts of the Tooth Fairy and the Blind Side and I was glad when we got stuck in traffic at the Ohio line and I heard a guy beside me say that there was a tornado warning i was "shit!!! o.o" because I don't like storms....AT ALL. THen we got back to the school, hoped in my mom's car, and headed home.




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